This is us!

We thought that it was time to formally introduce ourselves to you!

We have had numerous requests from our loyal customers who do not know us personally, to put faces to the Brand.

So - with that being said - this is us.

Cindy - Founder of Bodycraft

I have always had a passion for beautiful bath goodies, so it came as no surprise then, that I found myself immersed in the wonderful, creative world of manufacturing and developing gorgeous bath products, not only for myself, family and friends, but to be able to supply them to you as well.

I started out early with my love for water - having obtained my provincial colours for swimming at the age of 8 and continued with the sport until about the age of 15.

Some of my fondest memories were of coming home from training to a hot bath :)

After I graduated from high school, I found myself thrown into the world of modelling. With this career choice came my love for travel and the admiration of beautiful, well designed things.

To date - my greatest achievement would definitely be my 3 children, who I had early on in my life and have all grown up to be my best friends.

Bodycraft came about in 2003 when I decided to take the plunge and find out how soap is actually made.

What started out as a curiosity, turned into a hobby and is now an obsession with always trying to make a better product and finding new ways of turning old tried and tested bath goodies into something new and exciting.

Up until recently I have driven this company alone, but from the middle of 2017, my daughter, Bianca, joined forces with me and together we are creating and building even bigger and better things and are so excited of what the future holds.

With that - let me tell you a bit about Bianca.

Bianca - Operater, Brand Designer and Developer

Bianca is passionate about the environment and looking after our planet.

With having her on board, I am constantly made aware of using ingredients and packaging that is kind to us and our earth.

Bianca has traveled extensively for the past 4 years since winning the acclaimed South African Elite Model Look International competition.

Between traveling and working on international campaigns in the fashion capitals of the world, she is also studying marketing through UNISA, and has now brought her fresh, youthful approach and creative energy to Bodycraft.

Bianca has been responsible for the creation of our website which has been a huge success since we launched it in October 2017, and she has recently also taken over our Instagram account.

Bianca has a fresh perspective into what clients are looking for. Driven by her passion and creativity, Bianca is bringing a whole new exciting energy to the Bodycraft Brand.

This introduction of us is also the beginning of our monthly blog posts.

So - keep your eye on this for more exciting and informative information.

Ciao for now

The Bodycraft Team x