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about bodycraft

Ever since I was 7 years old and received my first luxury soap as a gift - I have been fascinated with the art and beauty of bath and body products.

Each time I travelled, I found myself drawn to the various bath emporiums and I started questioning as to how all of these beautiful products were made.


After researching... buying countless books on the subject...trial and error....and the patience of my family after turning the kitchen into an experilab, I eventually perfected the art of making beautiful products. Which was at first a hobby, became the passion which now drives me and my business forward.


Each and every product that is sold under the Bodycraft label started from an idea in my head, to a beautiful product which can be added to your bath or shower. Hopefully my products will give you the same amount of pleasure in using them, that it was for me in creating and sourcing them.


Success for me in my business is knowing that you have had a truly unique experience in the tub, and have left the bathroom feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and restored.